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TITLE: Cleanliness Sanitation And Maintenance


The Facility complies with IOSHA (Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration), Sanitation and health codes for the safety and well being of the offenders. All facility staff shall insure that the building and grounds are maintained at high levels of cleanliness, safety and sanitation by means of scheduled and unscheduled cleaning times. This includes, but is not limited to, all staff offices, kitchen/dining areas, staff and resident restroom/shower area, hallways, conference rooms, resident living spaces, resident common areas, facility vehicles and the grounds surrounding the building. Residents may be assigned to perform cleaning tasks under the supervision of facility staff as designated in the Procedure Section.


  1. Weekly cleanliness and sanitation inspections will be conducted by Residential Officers and other designated staff.
    1. A safety and sanitation report will be completed and given to management.
    2. Safety and sanitation reports will be reviewed by management.
    3. Work orders will be completed to correct deficiencies.
    4. Work orders will be maintained as a record of corrective actions completed.
  2. Resident Living Spaces
    1. Residential Officers will insure that all beds are made, trash containers are emptied, floors are swept/vacuumed/mopped/waxed/buffed, fixtures/furniture are free of dust, window coverings are cleaned, clothing is stowed appropriately, and the facility is free of safety hazards.
    2. Residential Officers will insure that all restroom and shower fixtures are cleaned and disinfected, floors swept and mopped, trash containers emptied, and mirrors, windows and window coverings are clean.
  3. Resident Common Areas, Conference Rooms, Hallways and Offices.
    1. Residential Officers will insure that common areas, conference rooms and hallways are free of clutter, fixtures/furniture free of dust including behind furniture, appliances and vending machines, floors are swept/vacuumed/mopped/waxed/buffed, trash containers emptied, windows and coverings cleaned. (Offices are the responsibility of the individual occupants of that office.)
  4. Vehicles and Grounds
    1. Maintenance staff will insure that these areas are clean and/or free of trash, with the assistance of residents.
  5. Kitchen and Dining Areas
    1. Food Service staff and Residential Officers, with the assistance of residents, will insure cleanliness/sanitation is maintained in accordance with local health codes.
  6. Written reports of inspections by state or other outside agencies are kept on file to assure and demonstrate compliance with applicable code requirements for residential programs.
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