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TITLE: Alternate Facility Transfers


Transfers from one facility to another, or from a facility to the Iowa Medical and Classification Center, may be allowed with approval from the appropriate authorities.


  1. Rational and Authority Transfers from one facility to another may be authorized by the Court (probation) or the Community Placement Officer (Work Release) where strong evidence indicates resident is unable to adjust to one facility and that opportunities for a successful adjustment would be greater at another facility.
  2. Initiation and Submission of Report - A request for transfer to an alternate facility must be initiated by the resident through written request and by completing/ signing a Waiver of Transfer Hearing for
    1. The Assistant Director of Residential Services shall determine whether or not a recommendation for transfer will be made, notify the resident accordingly and submit the request to the Community Placement Office staff and/or the Court, as appropriate.
    2. Before submitting a transfer request to another facility, it must be determined that there is sufficient time for the resident to accomplish program objectives at the new facility.
    3. Following the Assistant Director of Residential Services recommendation for transfers, "Duplicate File" information shall be forwarded to the prospective housing facility. Written documentation must be attained from the prospective facility concerning acceptance or denial of the transfers request.
    4. Following completion of the intradepartmental transfer process, authorization from the Court shall be obtained prior to a probationer being transferred from one (1) facility to another.
  3. Transferring the Resident - If the placement is approved, the Community Placement Office and/or district staff will coordinate the transfer arrangements.
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