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TITLE: Application For Employment


All applications for employment must be made in writing and must be received with attached transcripts, by the Department prior to the deadline for applications for the position. Any questions regarding the timeliness of an application shall be referred to and resolved by the Director.


  1. The Department shall maintain an "Application for Employment" form that conforms to all laws, rules and regulations regarding equal employment opportunities. The form shall contain a section authorizing the Department to check all sources of information regarding the individual, including criminal history.
  2. All applicants must complete a Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services Application for Employment form. All applicants who submit only a resume` shall be mailed an application form within one working day, and must still meet the application deadline with submission of the completed form.
  3. Persons may file an Application for Employment form with the Department at any time. However, an application form which has been filed prior to an opening being announced will only be pulled for consideration for a specific opening upon written request of the applicant.
  4. All Application for Employment forms which are received by Departmental units shall be forwarded to the Personnel Technician who shall maintain them for six (6) months after the date of receipt by the Department.
  5. Applications must be accompanied by transcripts prior to the deadline for applications, if applicable, (university, college, high school, etc.) before a candidate is considered for selection. This is also required for internal and inter-district promotional purposes.
  6. The Personnel Technician will review all applications to ensure that all job qualifications and skills, per the job description, are met.

Reference Checks

After interviews have been completed and the top candidate(s) for the position have been selected, all available references, in particular, previous employers shall be contacted for information on the candidate(s).

In checking references, questions may be asked as long as the questions pertain to the applicant's ability to perform the job and do not ask for information upon which illegal discrimination could be made.


  1. The hiring supervisor shall contact all available references of the candidate(s) and obtain the information necessary to make a sound determination of the best suited person for the job.
  2. The supervisor shall keep notes of each reference's responses and will keep them for one year.

Background Checks

The Personnel Technician will perform background checks on all perspective applicants and promotional candidates chosen for interview. The District Director will determine final eligibility for interview when questions arise during the record check.

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