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TITLE: Assisting Offenderswith Impairments


The facility partners with community agencies to provide education to staff and offenders and services to mentally and physically impaired or disabled offenders.


  1. Offenders who require special services such as those covered by, but not limited to, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), will be referred to Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS), unless the offender was receiving services from another agency.
    1. Offenders will be required to provide written verification they are eligible.
    2. Offenders who are not able to provide verification may be asked to sign a release of information so that verification can be sought.
    3. IVRS may make supplemental referrals as needed.
  2. If an offender is not currently receiving any type of disability services, social security disability insurance or supplemental security income and they are suspected of being in need or are eligible, the facility Probation/Parole Officer may make a referral to IVRS, Disability Determination Services Bureau asking them to make a determination of eligibility.
  3. Any staff having concerns regarding the mental state or mental health, or concern about the possible developmental disability of any offender, should immediately address this concern with their immediate Supervisor and members of the facility management staff so that possible referral for determination of disability and acquisition of appropriate services may be initiated.
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