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TITLE: Bep Coalition Organization And Community Awareness


Education of the perpetrator of domestic violence is one element of the system response that occurs when an arrest for domestic violence occurs. BEP is the most effective in effecting change in batterer behavior when the community has a coordinated, consistent response to battering behavior. This coordinated community response must include law enforcement, county attorney’s office, victim advocates, substance abuse personnel, medical personnel, child protection workers, religious leaders, BEP personnel, survivors and corrections in order to be effective. A community coalition is an effective way for service providers to communicate on a routine basis to establish a coordinated community response.


Each Coalition established by the Department of Corrections shall ideally have representation from the agencies listed above. At a minimum the Department of Corrections will participate as a representative of the coalition. The Department of Corrections in coordination with the Coalition shall work to promote and heighten public awareness regarding the seriousness of domestic violence.


  1. The Department of Corrections will abide by the currently established membership bylaws established by the local coalitions already in existence. The assigned Department staff shall serve as a member of the existing coalition.
  2. The Department shall assist in the development of any new coalitions as needed.
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