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TITLE: Bep Facilitator Selection


Persons' selected to facilitate BEP group shall knowledgeable regarding the dynamics of domestic violence, understand effective group facilitation techniques, role model use of non-violence in their personal life and communicate at all times in a manner than does not perpetrate attitudes of sexism, racism, homophobia or victim blaming. Facilitators for the BEP program will be hired as contract employees.


  1. Interview.
    1. An interview shall be conducted by the appropriate supervisor. The interview should screen for knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence as well as group facilitation experience.
    2. When possible, a victim advocate shall be present during the interview or available for consultation following the interview.
    3. Reference checks and a criminal records check will be completed. A criminal record that involves any prior violent or assaultive behavior history will preclude the applicant from hire.
    4. Efforts will be made to recruit and select facilitators who reflect the ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the communities served.
  2. Compensation:
    1. To be determined by each individual BEP program within the Fifth Judicial District.
  3. Schedule: Facilitators unable to facilitate their assigned weekly group are required to find their own substitute. A list of facilitators and their phone numbers will be provided.
  4. Confidentiality: Facilitators are to observe strict confidentiality with respect to offender information. Exceptions to confidentiality include duty to warn and mandatory child abuse/dependant adult abuse reporting.
    1. Duty to Warn:
      1. Facilitators are to report additional violence and/or threats of violence and violations of court orders by an offender involved in BEP programming to the appropriate authorities.
      2. Additionally, the victim liaison shall be contacted in an effort to warn the victim. If the victim liaison is not available, facilitators shall attempt to contact the victim. These attempts shall be documented.
  5. Court Appearances: Facilitators are prohibited from appearing in court for any reason on behalf of either the offender of the victim.
  6. Mandatory Reporting: Facilitators must report that a child has been subjected to abuse or alleged child abuse or neglect by a batterer pursuant to Iowa Code, Section 232.67- 232.70.
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