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TITLE: Bep Intake


An Intake process shall be established to obtain current information on the batterer and the victim/partner, screen out offenders inappropriate for group educational process and to identify treatment or referrals needed prior to or in conjunction with BEP. All offenders must sign releases of information and admit to a history of violence against an intimate partner to be admitted into the program.


The Intake appointment shall include the following:

  1. Background information on the offender's relationship history, family history, employment history, substance abuse history, criminal history and history of violence against an intimate partner. This information will be collected on the Assessment form and Domestic Violence Inventory Form.
  2. A summary of the offender's history as well as motivation to change shall be completed by the Intake staff.
  3. Offender shall sign a contract for participation that includes a release of information to contact the victim/partner as well as guidelines for successful completion of BEP group. Offender's shall receive a copy of this contract.
  4. Partner information will be obtained including; name, address and telephone number. This information will be provided to the victim liaison staff person with the BEP program. The victim liaison staff person will attempt to contact the victim regarding program services, philosophy and provide appropriate referrals. BEP shall attempt to contact the victim when the offender enters and exits the program.
  5. Intake staff shall make a determination during the Intake regarding the offender's ability to successfully participate in a group educational setting. If the staff identify needs that prevent successful participation the following shall occur:
    1. Staff shall identify specifically why offender is inappropriate for group.
      1. Appropriate referrals to individual sessions can include; severe mental health issues, low cognitive functioning, victim other than intimate partner and adolescent offender. Additionally, if staff determine during the intake interview that the offender possesses an extensive history of violence and or disruptive behavior, precluding the ability of staff to provide safe environment for other BEP attendees, he may be referred to individual session.
    2. Should the intake staff determine the offender is inappropriate for BEP group the following shall occur:
      1. Referral to appropriate individual sessions.
      2. Notification to assigned probation officer.
      3. BEP file closure.
    3. If the offender need that precludes successful participation in BEP is temporary; substance abuse treatment or medical health issues; the offender can be put on hold until the need is resolved. This shall occur in conjuction with the offender's probation officer.
    4. If the offender is inappropriate for group due to his denial of a history of violence with the victim, he shall be returned to court and considered non-compliant with BEP. He will only be allowed to return if he takes accountability for his violence AND the judge orders him to return to programming.
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