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TITLE: Bep Philosophy And Mission


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Corrections shall provide Batterer’s Educational Programming (BEP) for persons who are violent towards an intimate partner. The BEP program shall participate in the local community coalition regarding domestic violence and provide educational opportunities regarding the dynamics, severity and frequency of domestic violence.


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Corrections recognizes the pioneering work of the battered women’s movement in recognizing the dynamics of domestic violence, implementing services for survivors of abuse and assisting the criminal justice system with creating criminal accountability for abusive behavior. The primary goal of BEP is to ensure the safety of victims. It is therefore the mission of the BEP program to create an environment of personal accountability for perpetrators of domestic violence in an effort to motivate them to change their belief systems and violent choices. BEP believes that domestic violence is the result of choice based behavior by perpetrators in an effort to gain/maintain a systematic environment of power and control over their intimate partners and children. Because the batterer’s use of violence is a learned behavior it is changeable. Violence does not result from any personal or moral defect but rather from the belief that using violence to obtain power and control in a relationship is a justifiable choice. BEP believes that the most effective intervention with perpetrators of domestic violence is in a highly structured group setting that creates accountability, addresses thinking errors, provides cognitive restructuring tools and emphasizes victim impact. BEP respects the plight, safety and rights of the victims/survivors of domestic violence. Consideration regarding the potential for further harm is


  1. BEP shall utilize the Iowa Addendum to the Duluth Curriculum as mandated by the State of Iowa BEP Steering Committee. BEP shall provide offenders attending the program with an Intake and Orientation appointment and weekly group sessions. The number of sessions required shall be determined by the offender’s court order and/or the probation officer.
  2. BEP staff shall attend and participate in their local coalition meetings.
  3. BEP staff shall participate and organize training opportunities as needed regarding the dynamics of domestic violence. Training shall be coordinated with local domestic violence agencies.
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