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TITLE: Bep Referrals


Offenders referred to the program by the judiciary or the State of Iowa Department of Corrections will be required to participate in the program either by terms of their court order or the terms of their probation or parole supervision. Voluntary participants or participants from other referral sources may also be accepted. A communication and follow up process will be set up to notify all referring agencies of client entry and exit into the program. Files will be maintained in accordance with Iowa laws on confidentiality.


  1. Criminal Court orders:

    Upon receipt of a court order referring a defendant to BEP, a file will be created. Notification to court or department of corrections will occur if the client fails to comply with the court order or upon program completion.

  2. Agency Referrals:

    Upon receipt of a formal referral requiring an offender to attend BEP, a file will be created. Notification to the referring agency will occur if the client fails to comply with the program or upon program completion.

  3. Voluntary Attendance:
    1. Volunteers may attend BEP as long as he does not have any pending criminal court cases that involve some form of domestic abuse. If an offender does have a pending case he will need to wait until the disposition of his case until he can schedule an appointment.
    2. Voluntary attendees will pay the same fees as other offenders.
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