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TITLE: Case Audits


The residential supervisor will ensure that the case load of each PPO II/Residential Counselor is audited on a regular bases.


  1. Each case file shall be reviewed by the residential supervisor at intake and at discharge.
  2. Each case will be reviewed when the case plans are submitted to the supervisor.
  3. Residential supervisor reviews all PPO II/Residential Counselor files approximately every sixty days, as well.
  4. Each file shall be checked for required forms and materials, including: updated chrono notes, resigned probation contract and resident agreement, autobiography report (s) of violations, case plan and necessary Court orders.
  5. Deficiencies shall be reviewed with the PPO II/Residential Counselor to clarify questions and resolve any problems.
  6. Case files are also reviewed by counselor and supervisor as issues arise and at weekly Phase I Furlough Meetings.
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