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TITLE: Case Work Staffings


Resident staffings will take place on Thursday mornings. PPO II/Residential Counselors are responsible for determining which cases will be staffed and are to prepare themselves accordingly.


  1. Staffings are an integral part of the Fort Des Moines Community Corrections Center Program. They consist of the PPO II/Residential Officer sharing background and assessment information with the rest of the staff. This is done in a prepared narrative that addresses the LSI score and case plan areas, such as: employment, education, mental health, substance use/abuse, transportation, spiritual, medical, financial, family/marital, and others as appropriate.

    These areas may overlap and are not all inclusive.

  2. PPO II/Residential Officer , support staff and management utilize this information to discuss the formulation of a case plan. It is vital that all staff members share any information they may have on the resident being staffed.
  3. The above process is for residents who have recently entered the Fort Des Moines Community Corrections Center. Another type of staffing may occur. This is in cases where the resident has been an ongoing behavior problem or treatment issues have changed significantly. In these cases, the PPO II/Residential Officer gives a brief overview and the staff then develop new approaches to working with the resident. The resident is usually present at this type of staffing.
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