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TITLE: Closingouta Case File


The case file is to be closed out and given to the Residential Supervisor the same day a resident is discharged, permanently transferred, or revoked. In the case of an escape or return to jail, the case file is updated and kept in the PPO II/Residential Counselor's office until the final Court outcome is determined.


  1. Prior to turning in a closed case file to the Residential Supervisor, the following must be completed by the PPO II/Residential Counselor:
    1. Within 72 hours of the closure/transfer of a case, Generic Notes in ICON are brought up-to-date, including the outcome of this case.
    2. The last Generic Note entry should state the disposition of the file/case, i.e. discharge, revocation, etc.
    3. All papers are to be filed under the appropriate sections. Any papers received after the file is closed are to be filed by the clerical staff.
    4. The Supervisor or designee will complete an ICON transfer instance "To Field" for all discharged Work Release and OWI offenders. An ICON transfer instance will be completed for Probation offenders only when there was no prior probation officer and a probation officer needs to be assigned.
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