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TITLE: Community Activitiesby Offenders


The Ft. Des Moines Men's Correctional Facilities will consider, seek out, and promote activities in the community that contribute to the overall good of the community and provide offenders with a means to participate in worthwhile pro-social events. These events may also contribute to the community in a restorative justice manner.


  1. Organizations in the community may contact the facility when desiring to have offenders participate in activities that contribute to the good of the community or are pro-social events.
  2. The Assistant Director of Residential Services or his/her designee may visit within the community with organizations and give overviews of ways offenders from the facilities can assist them.
  3. The Assistant Director of Residential Services or his/her designee will approve all requests from community organizations.
  4. Offenders who wish to participate will do so voluntarily and will do so without compensation unless the organization chooses to provide some type of nominal goods or services.
  5. Examples of community activities may include but are not limited to park cleanup, neighborhood association cleanup activities, set up for sports events, etc.
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