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TITLE: Community Resources


Residential staff uses community resources for services to offenders to provide the offenders with necessary direction, information and assistance. The facility may utilize updated directories of community agencies when assisting offenders.


  1. Depending on their designation, offenders who do not have medical insurance will be referred to Broadlawns Medical Center or the University of Iowa Hospitals for all matters relating to health care including dental and mental health needs.
  2. Facility staff will utilize a variety of community agencies to assist offenders in the successful completion of the program. These agencies may include opportunities to find housing, food pantries, legal assistance etc. Listings for available agencies can be accessed in the on line link to the Des Moines Area Shelter and Services Brochure. This link also notes other agencies for referral sources such as First Call For Help.
  3. Offenders may be referred to employment service agencies both private and public in seeking and securing employment opportunities.
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