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TITLE: Control By Offenders


No facility staff member shall allow any resident(s) to be in a position of control or authority over other residents.


Resident control is the ability of a resident to be in a position of authority or control over another resident in the facility setting.

Resident control can be manifested by staff knowingly or unknowingly allowing residents to be in such a position. Resident may try to assume such a position over the other residents, which is commonly referred to as "strong-arming".


  1. Staff shall never knowingly forfeit or grant authority to a resident and shall take care to never place themselves in a position where a resident may perceive that authority has been forfeited or granted.
  2. If a staff member discovers that another staff member has forfeited or granted authority to a resident, that discovery must be immediately reported to the Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee.
  3. If a staff member discovers that a resident is exercising authority over another resident, that staff member shall follow established disciplinary procedures.
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