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TITLE: Determination Of Entry Salary


The entry salary for a new employee shall be the minimum of the salary range for the position. However, the Department may take into account an applicant's previous experience, level of education and recent salary history and may, if the Director decides it is appropriate, establish an entry salary level higher than the minimum of the salary range for the position. In addition, individuals covered by a collective bargaining agreement who are exercising contractual transfer rights into the position, or are being hired for the position but bring contractual rights and benefits with them, shall start at the salary rate called for by their situation and the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.


New Employees

  1. In any situation in which a hiring supervisor believes that the starting salary should for any reason be higher than the minimum of the salary range, he/she should provide this information and rationale to the Director when requesting authorization to hire.
  2. The Director's permission must be obtained before the Personnel Technician offers any new employee a salary higher than the minimum of the salary range for the position, unless the exception is clearly called for due to contractual transfer under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
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