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TITLE: Drug Court Graduation Alumni Support


Graduation ceremonies are held three times a year to honor and recognize those who have successfully completed the program. Friends, family, current Drug Court clients and Drug Court alumni are invited along with several dignitaries throughout the state. At this point the client's probation is transferred over to regular probation for a minimum of six months. Graduating clients are still required to attend the alumni support group meetings while on regular probation.


The alumni support group was started in June 2001 and consists of Drug Court Graduates who have the desire to assist, support and promote current drug court clients and graduates in achieving success and living sober lives by promoting the recovery lifestyle through mentoring and fellowship. The group meets on a bi-weekly basis at United Community Services or other designated site and they welcome current drug court clients, staff member and visitors.

    1. Provide mentoring to new clients in Drug court in an effort to assist new Drug Court Offenders through the transition/adjustment phase. The mentor is available at any time to talk, listen or provide advice to the new Drug Court Offender.
    2. Provide pro-social activities (picnics, bowling, dinners etc.) in order to help offenders reinforce pro social connections and the knowledge that one can have a good time being sober and in recovery.
    3. Provide assistance to Drug Court clients with children in need at Christmas time.
    4. To promote and support the Drug court Program. Alumni support the Drug Court Program by telling of their success in the Drug Court Program, by writing editorials, press releases and by holding/attending conferences.
    5. Assist in development of other Drug Court Alumni support groups throughout the state.
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