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TITLE: Drug Court Sign Up And Orientation

Drug Court - Sign Up and Orientation


  1. Sign-up - The Judge and all of the team members at the Polk County Courthouse sign the defendant into the ISP Drug Court Program. At times, a court reporter is needed if plea and sentencing will be taking place. Generally offenders are signed up on a Pre-Plea basis although it can also be done on a post-plea basis as well using the designated forms (attached). In either case they sign the agreement along with the Judge, County Attorney, Defense Attorney and the Probation Officer. At this point, Drug Court Judge will explain to the offender the opportunities and responsibilities the defendant will have in the drug court program. The judge will release the defendant pursuant to a Pre-Trial Release Agreement. The offender is introduced to the rest of staff members, given important contact numbers and sets appointments to meet with his/her Probation Officer and the TASC Counselor. At times, the offender may be placed in Intensive Inpatient Treatment; if this is necessary the orientation process may be delayed until he/she is released from treatment. The offender will be seen on a weekly basis during regular Drug Court Sessions for a minimum of 90 days.
  2. Orientation - On the first appointment between offender and Probation Officer the orientation into Drug Court takes place. The Probation Officer reviews with the offender probation agreements and contacts, the Drug Court Program Rules, reporting instructions and contact standards. Core offender information is also gathered and entered into ICON and also placed in the offender’s file. Case planning is to be done according to the Department of Correctional Services Policies and Procedures. The offender also meets with the TASC Counselor to discuss treatment plans.
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