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TITLE: Drug Free Workplace


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services strictly adheres to the State of Iowa policy on a drug-free workplace as it appears in the FY-2000 Certification Regarding Drug Free Workplace Requirements, States and State Agencies, signed by Iowa Governor Thomas J. Vilsack on August 24, 1999 and the State of Iowa Executive Branch Notice of Substance Abuse Policy effective June 1, 1994. Employees are obligated to follow the District’s Work Rules, specifically, the Alcohol and Drug Use. All employees are given the Substance Abuse Policy and Drug Free Workplace Policy at the new employee orientation, and will sign the Substance Abuse Policy Acknowledgement and the Drug Free Workplace Acknowledgement, acknowledging understanding and acceptance of the Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace policies.


Following initial hire, but prior to beginning employment and working with the Department’s offenders, each new employee participates in a new employee orientation. As part of that orientation, the Personnel Technician reviews the Work Rules, Substance Abuse Policy and Drug Free Workplace Policy. Each new employee is given a copy of each of these documents, is required to review each, and is asked to sign each acknowledgement indicating their awareness of, willingness to abide by, and receipt of the policy. These two policies include a prohibition of the use of illegal drugs, a prohibition of the possession of any illegal drug, except in the performance of official duties, the procedures to be used to ensure compliance, and the penalties for violation of these policies.

Part of the Personnel Technician’s orientation is the explanation of the Employee Assistance Program and its availability to all staff and their families.

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