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TITLE: Emergency Financial Assistance


The residential facility has a Resident Emergency Fund (Loan Account) that may be utilized to provide emergency financial assistance to offenders for use with such things as bus tokens or transportation costs to work, medication, clothing for work, laundry, personal hygiene items, and payment of G.E.D. fees.



The resident must discuss their need with their PPO II. If the PPO II confirms the resident’s need, they fill out the "Client Loan Application" including facility name, date of the request, printed loan applicant’s name, loan applicant’s Social Security number, the purpose of the loan, the loan amount requested, the date the loan is needed, the resident’s signature, the PPO II’s signature, and a supervisor’s approval, through their signature and date. Once completed, these requests are forwarded to the designated facility secretary. They fax the "Client Loan Application" to the Administrative Fiscal Officer. The Administrative Fiscal Officer ensures that the resident does not have any previous "client loans" outstanding (unless for medication) and that the amount of the client loan does not exceed $25.00. The loan is either approved or disapproved by the Administrative Fiscal Officer, by affixing their signature and date. If the "client loan" is denied, the Administrative Fiscal Officer informs the designated facility secrtary, who in turn notifies the appropriate PPO II. If the "client loan" is approved, a check is written. Three (3) copies of the check are made – one (1) stays in the Administrative Fiscal Officer’s file to show that a check was indeed written, and the other two (2) copies are sent with the original check back to the designated facility secretary. When the resident is presented with the original check, both the resident and the PPO II must sign both copies of the check. The copies are given to the designated facility secretary who keeps one (1) copy in their file, while the other copy is forwarded to the Administrative Fiscal Officer, signifying that the original check was delivered to the resident. A spreadsheet is kept by the Administrative Fiscal Officer, which is updated weekly, showing those loans that have been paid and those which are unpaid or have been granted an extension on the time for re-payment. Loans are to be re-paid as soon as possible by the resident.


The same process that is utilized for the Normal Loans is followed for the "G.E.D. Loans" up to the supervisor’s approval. Instead of the supervisor’s approval the Educational Instructor signs and dates them. "G.E.D. Loans" are normally requested for $85.00 which is the amount necessary for full testing or $10.00 which is the amount necessary for re-testing. The Educational Instructor forwards the "G.E.D. Loan" request to the Administrative Fiscal Officer who ensures that there are no previous "G.E.D. Loan" amounts outstanding for this resident. If no outstanding loan amounts are owed, the Administrative Fiscal Officer approves the loan application by affixing their signature and date. If the resident has an outstanding "G.E.D. Loan" that is owed, the loan will not be approved and the Educational Instructor is notified of this situation. If the "G.E.D. Loan" is approved, the same process is followed as with the Normal Loan. D.M.A.C.C. (Des Moines Area Community College) submits an invoice to the Administrative Fiscal Officer, usually monthly, seeking payment for the G.E.D. testing. The Administrative Fiscal Officer checks the invoice against the outstanding "G.E.D. Loans" to ensure that there is a loan application on file for each person appearing on the D.M.A.C.C. invoice. Once the invoice and outstanding "G.E.D. Loans" are reconciled, a check is written to D.M.A.C.C. for the amount owed. A copy of this check is maintained with the Department’s copy of the invoice. The Administrative Fiscal Officer keeps a spreadsheet, updated weekly, showing loans that

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