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TITLE: Emergency Plan Procedures


All Department staff are responsible for the compliance and enforcement of emergency plan and procedures as depicted in this policy. All emergency situations have the potential to result in physical harm and/or loss of life and as such the first priority is to act quickly and efficiently in order to protect the public, offenders and staff.

All staff will be trained in the Emergency Plan and Procedures including the phone paging system.

All staff should routinely check their work space and be aware of their surroundings and the objects in or near their workspace. Maintenance staff will routinely check the grounds of the buildings owned or operated by the department. These routine checks will assist in the event of a bomb threat situation.

For any emergency situation defined in but not limited to this policy the immediate supervisor will be notified. If the immediate supervisor is not available any available on site supervisor will be contacted. If no supervisor is on-site, the on call supervisor for the appropriate area, field or residential will be contacted.

All Department Emergency plans and procedures are reviewed annually and updated as necessary. Emergencies that have occurred in the past year are analyzed and the results used to initiate or revise the policy and procedures.

All supervisors are to keep an updated roster of the staff they supervise. This list will be kept in a location that is readily accessible and available in the event evacuation is necessary and it is necessary to account for staff.

Fire and tornado Evacuation Plans are posted in an area accessible to the public view. Building floor plan and evacuation routes are posted throughout the building so they are easily seen, indicating the location of exits and the direction of evacuation routes.

Residential Emergency Plans and procedures are provided to local law enforcement, state police, fire departments, civil defense and alternate housing locations.

Fire evacuation drills will be conducted at least monthly in Residential Facilities and tornado evacuation drills are conducted monthly during tornado season (April-October). Drills will be on all shifts at least every quarter and conducted when the majority of offenders are present. Drills for other types of evacuations will be conducted quarterly in Residential Facilities.

Fire evacuation drills for other department work sites will be conducted quarterly. Tornado evacuation drills will be conducted during the April annual statewide tornado awareness drill. Drills for other types of evacuations will be conducted every six months.

In cases of building evacuation all staff, offenders and visitors will assemble in central location adjacent to the building yet far enough way to avoid physical harm if the building is on fire, damaged or under threat to be damaged.

Unless otherwise noted 911 will be utilized in all emergency situations which require law enforcement, fire fighting personnel, emergency medical technicians or other relevant emergency response personal.

Any emergency situation has the ability to be very stressful for the personnel who are involved and everyone is affected differently in these situations. Provide it does not impair the operational efficiency of the department staff may be granted leave once the emergency situation has been resolved or finalized. Additionally supervisor staff should make staff aware of Employee and Family Resources for use as needed.


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