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TITLE: Employee Assistance Program


The District utilizes the State of Iowa Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for its employees.


The Collective Bargaining Agreement Between State of Iowa and American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees expresses the necessity for an employee assistance program through the District. Contained within the State of Iowa Executive Branch Substance Abuse Policy is the contact information for the Iowa Employee Assistance Program. This document is reviewed with new employees and they sign the policy acknowledgement form at their new employee orientation, prior to starting their job duties with the District. The employee keeps the body of the policy while the acknowledgment is made a permanent part of the employee’s personnel file. All District employees and their family members are eligible for participation in the Employee Assistance Program, 505 5th Avenue, Suite 600, Des Moines, Iowa (515-244-6090). This service is available for any type of employee or family assistance, not just substance abuse. Employees may contact the Employee Assistance Program on their own, or if they wish, enlist the aid of their Supervisor or the Personnel Technician. The Employee Assistance Program may make further referrals for treatment. The District may refer an employee, as a condition of continuing employment, to the Employee Assistance Program and seek follow-up information such as prognosis and recommendation for treatment by having the employee sign an appropriate release of information form with the Employee Assistance Program.

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