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TITLE: Ems Gps Inventory


GPS inventory will be accurately and consistently tracked by each Judicial District.


  1. Inventory Tracking
    1. Each Judicial District will maintain an inventory of available equipment that represents 10% of the current activated units in a secure location.
    2. The site manager/director shall designate staff to maintain the GPS database and the status of each kit (when checked out of inventory, to which staff, returned by staff to inventory, and returned to the vendor).
    3. All new shipments' equipment numbers are to be checked against the invoice and added to the database. Any discrepancies should be noted and reported to Customer Service.
    4. A file should be kept of all invoices and return cover memos as back up documentation. Once a month, the inventory on the GPS database should be reconciled with the ACTIVE UNIT reported. Any discrepancies should be investigated and resolved. For example, if the AU report shows a unit to still be active and local records indicate it was shut down, shut down procedures should be repeated to assure the MTD is completely shut down. If local records show a unit was returned, but it remains on the site's assignment under the AU, Customer Service should be contacted to have removed. Designated staff, upon receipt of a loss/damage report form, shall record it into the database and forward the form to the vendor, maintaining a copy in the inventory documentation files.
    5. The staff will enter onto the GPS database the date the equipment is assigned to an offender and the date shutdown/removed from the offender. It is imperative the dates be recorded accurately so they may be utilized to confirm the accuracy of billing records.
  2. Equipment Return Procedures
    1. When needing to reduce inventory, the amount of functional (or unopened) GPS equipment not in use to remain in an acceptable range (10% should be kept on hand)
    2. Contact Customer Support to indicate intent to return, obtain case number.
    3. Label each box being returned "Inventory Reduction"
    4. Record inventory reduction on GPS database, screen printing the entry. Include screen print with shipment.
    5. Unless instructed otherwise due to a change in model, etc, full kits should be returned, not individual pieces.
    6. Send via ground with a shipping label.
  3. Damaged/Improperly Functioning Equipment
    1. Contact Customer Support to report problem, obtain case number. If customer support cannot resolve via phone, advise equipment is being returned and request replacement order, making note of the case number.
    2. Equipment to be RMA'd (Return Merchandise Authorization) shall be returned by staff to shelf inventory for return within 2 business days with clear notation as to which piece is defective and nature of the defect ("won't call in", "rattles", "won't hold charge, etc)
    3. RMA's should be returned to vendor as complete kits with the box being returned "RMA" and reason (won't call in, rattles, etc)
    4. Designated staff shall enter into the database all information regarding the return, including the reason under comments, making a screen print of the entry.
    5. Clearly labeled full kits with the screen print of the RMA database entry shall be sent via ground with a shipping label.
  4. Used Equipment
    1. In order to be refurbished and to assure that all equipment assigned to offenders have new batteries and are in proper working order, MTD's and transmitters that have been assigned to an offender will not be re-issued to another offender without having been returned to vendor. Chargers, pouches, clips, etc may be re-assigned, but may need to be returned in order to return complete kits for refurbishment.
    2. B. MTD's and transmitters that have been assigned to an offender and removed due to reasons other than improper functioning shall be returned to shelf inventory within 2 business days. Date shutdown/removed from offender shall be recorded on the database with the reason for removal under comments (discharged, revoked, transferred out of state, etc) and a screen print made and affixed to the kit.
    3. Designated staff shall record on database the date of shipment with status RMA-refurbish and screen-print.
    4. Full kits should be returned, unless instructed to do otherwise, with the screen print within the box, and clearly labeled "refurbish/replace".
    5. Designated staff shall send out inventory return shipments, if any, a minimum of once per week.
    6. Do not keep faulty or used units on site unless instructed to do so (for example, if a technician is scheduled to be at the site and needs to field test the equipment that appears to be defective ) as this can impact the availability of useable inventory of kits available.
  5. Ordering New Equipment
    1. Sites should seek to maintain a total equal to 10% of the number of units assigned to offenders as inventory, in a breakdown of active/passive that relatively closely follows that site's current uses. It is important to maintain an accurate count of the number of functioning units in inventory on an ongoing basis at each site in order to assure sufficient stock for replacements if needed and new intake.
    2. Designated staff shall contact Customer Support to place order. Normal shipments are sent via ground and should be received within 72 hours.
    3. If, due to unforeseen circumstances that result in a depletion of inventory, in emergencies (such as if a large number of sex offenders are placed on probation on the same date, and there are not enough units to hook them all up), the order can be delivered with overnight delivery, if placed before 1:00 pm central standard time, but this must be related to the customer center when the order is placed.
  6. Exchanging for Newer Versions
    1. Designated staff shall contact Customer Support to order new equipment and indicate intent to exchange, obtain case number.
    2. Once new equipment is received, designated staff shall label each box being returned "Inventory Reduction".
    3. Record return on database and screen-print the transaction. Include screen-print in box with shipment.
    4. Send return via ground with a shipping label.
  7. Unassigned Equipment
    1. An appropriate number of the unassigned units in inventory should be kept in chargers to assure that fully charged units are available for new installation or replacement for defective equipment.
  8. Lost or Destroyed Equipment
    1. Any loss of or reported destruction of GPS equipment should be reported within 24 hours of staff's awareness to the vendor Customer Service by phone, a remote shutdown performed. The date shall be recorded on the GPS database, making a screen print of the transaction. The vendor will return a restitution letter to the staff outlining the cost for the loss/destruction. Staff should attempt to locate and recover lost equipment as soon as possible. The longer the amount of time between loss and search, the greater the likelihood it cannot be retrieved, so prompt action is imperative.
      1. Accidental loss/destruction by the offender
        1. Offender will be immediately set up with new equipment and reminded of proper carry procedures, if this contributed to the loss.
        2. Monthly payment plan is to be drawn up (offenders may be given a reasonable length of time to search for lost equipment before initiating payment.)
        3. If equipment is located and still operational, return to inventory and notify Customer Service.
        4. Damaged equipment should be photographed, photo maintained for documentation, and unit returned to vendor as RMA.
        5. If deliberate damage is suspected, staff shall follow procedures under the following (2), initiating violation/prosecution proceedings upon receipt of affidavit if determined to be deliberate.
      2. Deliberate destruction/loss of equipment by the offender
        1. If available, the offender shall immediately be set up with new equipment.
        2. If equipment is recovered, the staff shall photograph the damage and maintain the photo file for documentation.
        3. The staff shall complete a chain of custody form and return to the vendor for evaluation and confirmation of damage, requesting an affidavit.
        4. The appropriate transaction shall be made to the GPS database and screen printed.
        5. These returns are to be clearly labeled and sent via REGISTERED MAIL to the vendor with the screen print of return transaction and chain of custody form.
        6. Violation Report will be submitted
        7. The vendor will send a restitution letter to the staff.
        8. Local county attorney should be contacted to initiate prosecution for destruction of GPS equipment, which is a new crime, with inquiry as to whether the equipment should be returned to enter into evidence or if the affidavit and photographs are sufficient.
        9. If the equipment should be returned per county attorney instruction, this information is to be reported to the vendor.
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