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TITLE: Ems Offender Unable To Pay


Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services staff and their designated Supervisors will select which high-risk offenders are eligible for the Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) and will make all decisions relating to the type of equipment to be used. To control costs and to avoid excessive intrusion into the life of the family of the offender, the system is not to be continued with an offender for longer than three months, except with the Supervisor’s approval or by court order. The use of the system shall be reviewed and approved on a monthly basis by the supervising officer. If the offender is required by the Court to pay for his/her EMS surveillance, provisions are made for offenders who are unable to pay the program costs of EMS.


The District does not require offenders to pay for EMS surveillance equipment. However, the offender may be ordered by the Court to pay for the EMS surveillance. An offender fee collection system is provided for an offender to pay his/her court ordered EMS costs. The supervising officer monitors the offender fee collection system with the offender and schedules how and when the costs can be paid. If the offender is ordered by the Court to pay for the EMS surveillance equipment and the offender is unable to pay, the District will make provisions for those offenders who are legitimately unable to do so.

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