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TITLE: Facility Environment


Each facility's physical quarters shall meet basic building, health, and sanitation code requirements of State, Federal, local ordinances, or other applicable regulations and treatment considerations. Adequate space is provided for administrative, direct care, professional, and clerical staff. This space includes conference areas, storage room for records, and toilet facilities. The facility is accessible to public transportation to facilitate use of community based services and resources. The facility houses male offenders only.


  1. Inspections:

    The Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee shall arrange regular inspections, as required by Administrative rules to ensure that the facility conforms to all applicable laws, zoning ordinances, building codes, fire codes and health and sanitation requirements on Federal, State and local levels. All written inspection reports shall be forwarded to the Residential Director, the Residential Manager or designee shall retain a copy. Any deficiency detected in any of these areas shall be immediately reported to the Residential Manager.

  2. Emergency Plan:

    The facility shall have a written emergency plan which is communicated by public posting in each building to all employees and residents. The Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee shall document that monthly emergency drills are conducted.

  3. Waste Disposal:

    The facility has in place contracts with vendors for collection and disposal of liquid, solid, and bio-waste materials. All other regulated waste such as florescent light bulbs, batteries or other heavy metals, light ballasts, tires, and appliances will be disposed of at a regulated collection site.

  4. Vermin and pest control:

    The facility has in place a contract with a pest control company to do monthly inspection and control maintenance applications.

  5. Sleeping Quarters:

    All sleeping quarters shall be well lighted and properly ventilated, in accordance with local, State and Federal regulations. Male and female offenders do not occupy the same room. The program shall provide each offender at minimum, with the following items:

    1. A clean bed and mattress.
    2. Two (2) sheets/pillowcases.
    3. A pillow.
    4. A blanket.
    5. Adequate space for personal effects.
    6. A writing desk.
    7. A chair for seating.
    8. A bulletin board to allow for personal decorations to be displayed.
  6. Meeting Rooms:
    1. The facility shall provide sufficient space to accommodate group meetings of residents.
    2. The facility shall provide at least one (1) private room for staff counseling purposes.
    3. The facility shall provide at least one (1) television common area or lounge area.
  7. Restroom Facilities:
    1. The facility shall provide, at a minimum, one (1) toilet for every ten (10) offenders; one (1) wash basin for every six (6) offenders and one (1) bathing facility for every eight (8) offenders or portion thereof.
    2. The water for showers is thermostatically controlled to temperatures ranging from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  8. Laundry Facilities:
    1. The facility shall provide sufficient laundry facilities or services; one (1) washer and dryer for every sixteen (16) offenders.
  9. Janitorial Supplies:
    1. Space is provided for janitorial supplies in the facility laundry room area and janitorial wash basin closets which are accessible to offender living and activity quarters.
  10. Lighting:
    1. The facility provides at least twenty (20) foot-candles of lighting at desk level and in personal grooming areas.
  11. Air Circulation:
    1. The facility maintains at least fifteen (15) cubic feet of outside or recirculated filtered air per minute per person.
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