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TITLE: Field Program Description


Two of the goals of the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services are the protection of the public and rehabilitation of the offender. When an offender is placed on supervision, the District becomes involved with the offender in a manner that is designed to assist the offender in developing a successful living pattern within the community with the goal of law-abiding behavior. This may require considerable attitudinal changes, along with the development of work skills, gaining and maintaining employment, and any number of specialized services provided by the District or by outside agencies where the District refers its offenders for specialized services not available within the District. The objective is to eliminate as many of the criminogenic needs in the offender's life as possible.

The District has developed specialized programs to assist offenders in reducing the negative variables in their lives and to effectively utilize resources of the District and the community.

Varying degrees of supervision and programming will be required in every case based on assessment and case planning. Offenders at higher risk will require a more intensive level of intervention, including supervision and programming within the District as well as from community resources. Offenders at lower risk will require less supervision and programming within the District and from community resources.

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