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TITLE: File Contents And Maintenance


ICON shall be used to store all file material when it is feasible. In an effort to be environmentally friendly the District is moving toward the use of electronic file content and electronic file maintenance.

When it is necessary to maintain a hard copy file it is the supervising officer's responsibility to maintain accurate and up-to-date file material. All Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services case files shall be kept in an orderly fashion. The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services will ensure case file content, privacy, security, preservation and a schedule for retiring and destroying inactive cases.


  1. File Security:
    1. Case file/ICON records are considered CONFIDENTIAL per 5 th District Confidentiality Policy and code section 904.602 Confidentiality of records – Penalty.
    2. All non ICON case files shall be maintained in secured filing cabinets/desk(s) in the officer's office.
    3. The officer's office shall remain locked when the officer is absent from the building, ensuring that visitors do not have access to case files.
    4. Case files shall remain in the officer's office unless removed for business purposes (such as court appearance or for telecommuting purposes).
  2. Upon closure of the case file:
    1. Closed non ICON case files will be stored in a secured area
    2. Each case file shall be filed in alphabetical order by the month and year they were closed.
    3. After three years in closed status, the case file may be destroyed by shredding.
    4. ICON records on the offender will be kept indefinitely.
    5. Sex offender case files shall never be destroyed
  3. Case record management policies and procedures shall be reviewed and documented annually.
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