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TITLE: Financial Transactions Prohibited


As stated in the Department’s Work Rules, FRATERNIZATION WITH CLIENT, pages three and four, staff and volunteers of the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services shall not, at any time, enter into a “social and personal relationship with any client under supervision or under the investigation of the Department, or, in a Department residential facility” and “shall not, at any time, enter into a business agreement with a client while the client is under the supervision of the Department, under investigation of the Department (i.e. Pre-Sentence Investigation and/or Release With Services), or in a Department residential facility. Employees will not use offender/defendant services or labor for personal purposes as a condition of supervision. The restrictions in this section also extend to former clients of the Department who were discharged from supervision, or to whom services were discontinued, within the last six months, and, to clients and former clients of other correctional agencies”. “No employee may accept any bribe, gift, or gratuity from any current or former client or associate thereof. Nor may any employee offer same to any current or former client”.

No financial transactions between offenders is allowed at the Men’s Residential Facilities according to the Fort Des Moines Community Correctional Center RESIDENT MANUAL revised 2/04, DISCIPLINE/SANCTIONS – Fifth District WR/OWI/Residential/Federal Rules, section XVI (16), pages 7 and 8, paragraph 18 Bartering/Selling Goods which states: “When an offender barters, loans, gives, accepts, sells, or buys things of value, including, but not limited to clothing, personal items, furnishings, etc., transfers of funds from one offender to another offender, or agrees to perform or receive services or gifts for anything of value without staff approval” the resident violates the rules of the Men’s Residential Facility and is subject to discipline.


No Department staff members or volunteers may enter into any business relationship with any offender presently or previously under supervision or investigation by the Department as set forth in the Department’s Work Rules as cited above. No offenders at the Men’s Residential Facilities may enter into business or financial transactions with other residents or staff as cited above.

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