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TITLE: Fires And Fire Prevention


The residential program complies with the regulations set forth by the National Fire Protection Association and the Des Moines Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau.


All Department staff is responsible for the compliance and enforcement of emergency plan and procedures as depicted in this policy. All Department staff is trained in the execution of the Emergency Plan and procedures for the Department and their specific location. Department staff shall review the emergency plan annually.

The Department Emergency plan is certified to comply with national fire safety codes by an outside independent authority. Procedures are reviewed annually by Department staff and updated as necessary. Emergencies that have occurred in the past year are analyzed and the results used to initiate or revise the policy and procedures.

The Department Emergency Plan, Contingency Plan, and Evacuation Plan are posted on a bulletin board in the area accessible to the public view. Building floor plan and evacuation routes are posted through out the buildings to be easily seen, indicating location of exits and direction of evacuation routes.

Emergency Plan and procedures are provided to local law enforcement, state police, fire departments, civil defense and alternate housing locations.

A fire evacuation drill is conducted at least monthly in Department Residential Facilities. Drills will be on all shifts at least every quarter and conducted when the majority of offenders are present.

Quarterly safety inspections are conducted by trained facility staff and documented.

The Des Moines Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau conducts annual inspections.

A certified technician inspects fire extinguisher equipment quarterly. Certified technicians inspect the fire protection alarm system and automatic detection system, sprinkler system, and fire pressure pump annually.

Facility furnishings comply with National Fire Protection Association standards regarding flammability and smoke production.

Flammable materials are handled safely. Special containers are provided for use with flammable liquids and rags. Flammable materials are stored in a noncombustible storage cabinet.

Smoking is not permitted within District buildings. Where smoking is allowed in designated areas, non combustible receptacles are provided for smoking materials and separate containers are provided for other combustible materials.

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