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TITLE: Fiscal Policy Management And Control

TITLE: Fiscal Policy Management and Control


The responsibility for fiscal policy, management, and control belongs to the Department’s Administrative Officer, under the direction of the District Director. Utilizing Code of Iowa section 905.4(3), the Board of Directors for the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services designated the district department as its own administrative agent. The District Director employs an Administrative Officer to be responsible for the fiscal policy, management, and control of the District’s finances, encompassing preparation, control, and monitoring of all District budgetary items including revenues and expenditures.


The Administrative Officer, under the supervision of the District Director, prepares, manages, and controls fiscal policy and daily operation of all budgetary matters. The Assistant District Directors (administrators) for Field Services and Residential Services have input into the budgetary revenues and expenditures, but the Administrative Officer is designated by the District Director to be ultimately responsible for all fiscal policy and fiscal operations.

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