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TITLE: General Provisions


Residents shall have access to three (3) meals daily provided by the facility which meet nationally recommended allowances for basic nutrition for the types of offenders housed in the facility. The facility will provide special diets for individuals with legitimate health or religious reasons. It is the resident’s responsibility to see the Chaplain and/or his counselor and inform them of these circumstances.


  1. When meals are provided by the facility, they shall meet recognized minimum daily nutritional requirements and shall be so certified by a licensed dietitian. The following rules shall be adhered to:
    1. Each resident must be fully dressed and well groomed for meals.
    2. Serving times will be posted, but may be changed by the kitchen manager if necessary for operational efficiency.
    3. No food is to be taken out of the dining area during mealtime, except for food provided for OWI treatment purposes. Staff may eat meals in other areas of Building 68/70.
    4. Kitchen staff is responsible for making the sandwiches for resident lunches each night and ensuring that sanitation policies and procedures are followed.
    5. Residential Officers will be able to eat the meal that is provided on their scheduled work shift. First shift will be provided lunch, and second shift will be provided dinner. Third shift will have trays made from the dinner meal and place in the refrigerator for consumption during the shift. Fort Des Moines Probation Officers, Community Treatment Counselors, and Community Program Monitors may choose to eat the meal that is provided for the shift, but they must eat in the dining area and provide supervision for the resident meal service. Staff will be served twenty minutes prior to the resident meal service. All other Fifth District Staff will not be provided a meal.
    6. Supervision of the meal service will be done by the kitchen staff, Residential Officers and other designated staff. The Residential Officers will be assigned to meal duty and designated on the schedule. The Residential Officers will be responsible for enforcement of rules, regulating sack lunches, and late meals. Both kitchen and Residential Officers will ensure that the dining area has been cleaned after every meal.
    7. Meal service will be determined by the kitchen supervisor and posted for the residents. Any changes in the schedule will be made by the kitchen supervisor.
    8. Sack meals will be provided to residents that were out of the facility for the entire meal service. The Residential Officers observing the morning meal service will document residents who receive sacks in the morning for their lunch. Residential Officers will then use the documentation to check the residents as they come through the kitchen to make sure residents are not receiving both a sack and the meal. The Residential Officers will also check the names of the residents as they receive the meal service to reduce duplicate service to the same resident. Residents requesting a sack for the dinner service will be checked in ICON to determine that the resident was out of the facility for the entire meal service. The resident will need to sign up for either sack meal.
    9. Residents may only use the cup that has been assigned to them by the District. Other cups will not be allowed in the dining area during meal service.
    10. Any resident who misses a meal, due to the resident's own negligence, will not be allowed to eat that meal.
    11. Food will be disposed of according to Food Service Health Regulations.
    12. The facility will provide alternate food items when there is a documented medical or religious reason.
      1. If a resident needs a special diet due to religious reasons he must first see the Chaplain. The Chaplain will verify the appropriateness of the request and provide written instructions to the facility kitchen personnel.
      2. If a resident has a health condition, which excludes him from eating certain foods, he must first see his counselor. His counselor will verify his request with the offender's doctors and then provide written instructions to the facility kitchen personnel.
      3. Offenders will only be given a substitute menu item if it is a main part of the meal. In other words, if we are providing the offender with the minimum daily requirements without the problem item, then no substitution will be made.
    13. All kitchen knives will be kept in a locked drawer when not in use.
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