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TITLE: Generic Notes


Generic Notes (chronological entries) in the ICON computer system are to be maintained by all District staff for each interaction with the offender and/or issues concerning the offender. All pertinent case activity shall be recorded in ICON Generic Notes. Such records should include: reasons for the offender's entry into the system, actions taken by the offender and officer, and rationale for significant decisions from initiation until termination of supervision.

The Generic Note is one of the main sources of casework documentation. Generic Notes shall be a concise, brief summary of what has transpired regarding the offender, focusing on the case plan. Generic Notes should provide a clear understanding of each case plan decision, public safety issues, and compliance/non-compliance with the offender's conditions of supervision.


  1. To enter Generic Notes:
    1. Refer to ICON Business Rules (Generic Notes).
  2. Complete the required fields in ICON.
    1. Note that the date will default to the current date (editable).
    2. Note that category indicates purpose, nature, and circumstances of the contact.
      1. "Unspecified" shall be used only when the other categories do not fit.
    3. The Subject box shall be reserved for the title of the Generic Note, such as intake, assessment center, discharge summaries, etc. The subject box is limited to 50 characters. If the Generic Note is a regular contact, indicate the type of contact only, such as home visit, office visit, or collateral.
    4. The Chrono box is the actual Generic Note detailing the event and/or contact.
    5. The staff member should indicate the specific contact standard being conducted by clicking the appropriate boxes.
    6. The staff member should click SAVE in order to save the entry.
  3. Generic Notes shall be entered and contain the following contents:
    1. Generic Notes are conducted after each contact with the offender and/or when significant information is obtained in reference to the offender.
    2. Generic Notes shall reflect all the modifications made towards the offender meeting their case plan objectives and compliance with the conditions of supervision.
      1. Any programming involvement and/or referrals made to address the offender's needs.
      2. Discussions on what was learned by the offender while attending programming.
      3. Role playing the subjects learned in programming.
      4. Discussions of the relapse plan.
    3. The concerns and issues of the offender at the time of the contact and any action taken to address their needs.
    4. Generic Notes shall reflect all significant information regarding public safety issues.
    5. Generic Notes shall reflect all events involving the offender which include, but are not limited to, scheduled appointments missed, employment follow-ups, restitution payments, violations, arrests, or travel permission.
    6. Abbreviations in Generic Notes are strongly discouraged.
    7. Generic Notes are CONFIDENTIAL. (See Confidentiality Policy)
    8. Printing of Generic Notes is strongly discouraged unless needed for a court appearance.
  4. The Offender Event Log in ICON will maintain a running chronological record of all events and all data entries made in ICON for each offender.
    1. Generic Notes will automatically default to the Offender Event Log.
    2. All ICON data entries will automatically default to the Offender Event Log which includes, but is not limited to: interventions, assessments, and security standards.
    3. The Offender Event Log indicates offender information, level of supervision, the officer, event date, who entered the event, time, and summary of events generated by the system.
  5. To protect others, sensitive information shall be hand written in the case file and not entered in Generic Notes.
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