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TITLE: Gift Or Gratuity Prohibition


The District’s Work Rules specifically address the prohibition of accepting gifts from both offenders and their families and from any vendor who does or may do business with the District. The State of Iowa also has a “Gift Law”, Iowa Code 2003 Supplement, section 68B.22, which places prohibitions on accepting gifts over three dollars in value from vendors or the public. This law pertains to the District’s employees as well.


All District staff are prohibited from accepting any gift or gratuity from an offender or an offender’s immediate family, or from engaging in personal business transactions with the offender or the offender’s immediate family, or from any vendor who does or may do business with the District. These rules are part of the District’s Work Rules, specifically the sections entitled FRATERNIZATION WITH CLIENT and ACCEPTING GIFTS, which are reviewed with and accepted by District staff through their signature on the Work Rules acknowledgment page, prior to beginning their job function with the District. A copy of this acknowledgment is kept in the employee’s personnel file.

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