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The Iowa Corrections Offender Network (ICON) is a statewide computer database application, implemented by the Iowa Department of Corrections. Information entered in this system is to include all details necessary for the Iowa Department of Corrections and the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services management staff to generate accurate and timely statistical reports related to District operations.


  1. Training will be provided to all staff, authorized to access the ICON system, by one or more of the following methods. Staff shall sign an acknowledgement indicating that they have read and understand all updates.
    1. Department-wide implementation training provided by ICON Master Trainers.
    2. Department-wide training provided by ICON Master Trainers as needed pertaining to modifications made to the ICON system.
    3. New employee training provided by the employee’s immediate Supervisor, a Master Trainer, or a designated person.
    4. Through ongoing written and/or verbal communication related to ICON Business Rules, which provides the statewide structure for consistent data entry and system utilization.
  2. Current ICON Business Rules shall be maintained in a public folder in Outlook (go to View/Folder List/Public Folders/ICON/Business Rules CBC). All staff shall be notified via email of any new or amended business rules. Staff is expected to review, stay current, and implement rules according to their specific job responsibilities.

    All staff authorized to access the ICON system will do so according to guidelines established by Computer Information Technology Policy. Data entry in the ICON system reflects the staff member’s name that entered the data. Staff is responsible for any information entered under their logon. Therefore, staff should not allow others to use their logon or password to enter information.

  3. All policies related to the confidentiality of client information such as Department Policy titled Confidentiality shall also apply to electronic records. Accordingly, staff shall only access client information directly related to their designated job responsibilities or release electronic client information only as specified in the Confidentiality policy.
  4. Data entry is to be completed in the following key areas according to the ICON Business Rules established by the Iowa Department of Corrections and this District’s ICON workload directive (see attached). Management staff is responsible for the general monitoring and compliance of requirements.
    1. Arrest/charge information - which includes applicable information on arrest incidents, charge(s), charge status, offense behavior codes, pretrial interviews, presentence investigations, sentence and penalty, supervision status, specialties, and supervision modifiers.
    2. Assessments - minimally includes Iowa Risk Assessment, Iowa Risk Reassessment, LSI-R, Jesness, Sex Offender Risk Assessments, and Reconsideration of Sentence Worksheets.
    3. Board of Parole
    4. Core Offender Information - minimally includes address information, phone information, birth information, citizenship information, correction identifiers, driver’s license information, employment information, name information (including alias names and name types), physical identifiers (sex, race, ethnic origin, height, weight, eye color and hair color) and social security numbers. When a PSI is being completed all possible information is to be entered.
    5. Housing – assignment restrictions, security standards including substance use testing, toxins identified and results, all transfer information, offender session assignments, rules and violations, offender ins and outs, offender approved destinations, and security standards eye counts.
    6. Interventions (Intervention programs and Interventions)
    7. Generic Notes
    8. Rules
    9. Standardized reports (as available) which include Presentence Investigations, Discharged Reports, and Case Management Plans.
    10. Transfer reports are to be generated daily (minimum) which will initiate the case assignment process.
  5. Regular auditing of data will be achieved utilizing reports generated by the Iowa Department of Corrections, and internal audit reports generated through ICON Ad Hoc reporting. Upon being notified, staff is responsible for correcting ICON errors in a timely manner.
  6. Numerous statistical reports are available through ICON (report section), Data Warehouse, or Ad Hoc reporting which are utilized for a wide range of purposes. Some examples of report utilization include:
    1. Case manager workload progress reports to ensure timely completion of assessments and discharges.
    2. Case management plans and intervention reports to review case planning and resource utilization.
    3. Facility reports and statewide reports to review district activity to ensure optimum utilization of district resources.
    4. Revocation rates.
  7. Additional special reports can be generated as requested through Ad Hoc reporting.
  8. Quarterly, the Systems Administrator will provide the Director with a report indicating the number of discharges, number of revocations, and current caseload numbers.


Iowa Corrections Offender Network (ICON) (Source – ICON Business Rules Manual)


ICON, the Iowa Corrections Offender Network, was introduced and implemented on August 1, 2000. ICON is a comprehensive database system designed to record, store and provide information to District staff about the offenders we supervise. It can and will be used both for recording vital information on individual offender’s cases and for generating management reports needed to assess resource utilization and program impact. is the first phase of the development of the complete ICON system. addresses offenders being supervised in Community-Based Corrections, and will be followed by other ICON elements such as institutions and medical information. is a browser-based system, very different from the older mainframe systems it will replace - ACIS and ICBC. Browser-based systems are much more flexible and dynamic than mainframe systems, and also can be accessed much more easily from remote sites by using a laptop computer.

This Business Rules Manual has been developed by staff who have worked with ICON to provide standards and information about entering data into ICON. Each business rule provides detailed information on each step in the data entry process and guidelines for making choices about what data to enter. It also includes comments when needed. It is intended to be both a reference tool and a training tool.

ICON can and will capture and store large amounts of data. However, in order for the system to generate accurate information for users it is essential that the data be entered properly. As with all computer systems, the quality of the output is entirely dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of the input.

(ATTACHMENT) Database Components
Fifth Judicial District - Workload Distribution Plan

Arrest/charge information:


Board of Parole

Case managers update information initiated by BOP staff in the various sections as necessary

Core Offender Information



Maintenance Tables

Presentence Investigation/Information

User Maintenance

Reports Available:

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