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TITLE: Intake Unit Probation


The Intake Unit will, in an expedient fashion, assess all Polk County probation cases entering the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services regarding the services that will be proposed.


  1. All cases will be referred by the Court to the Intake Unit.
  2. Offenders are instructed to report to the Intake Unit, Room B-40, Polk County Court House, immediately following sentencing or by 10:00 a.m. the following day, per court order, unless extenuating circumstances exist such as the defendant being in jail, treatment, or released to other authorities.
    1. If an offender fails to contact the Intake Unit within 5 working days following sentencing, probation revocation hearing, or their release from jail, the Intake Unit will prepare a Report of Violations and Arrest Warrant and forward them to the Court (See Violation policy).
    2. If the offender is currently under probation supervision, the Intake Unit will verify that the current probation has not been revoked or discharged, and then forward the new sentencing order to the supervising officer.
    3. If the offender incurs new charges after being sentenced and before signing up on probation, the Intake Unit will complete a Report of Violations and subsequent warrant or hearing order depending on the situation, and forward them to the Court.
  3. At the time of the intake, the offender will complete a Statement of Probationer form.
  4. If time permits, the intake officer shall run NCIC and review the Presentence Investigation, if applicable, prior to meeting with the offender.
  5. The Intake Officer will:
    1. Review the Statement of Probationer with the offender for accuracy and completeness and gather additional information if necessary.
    2. Take the offender's photo and place it in ICON.
    3. Review the Conditions of Probation and the court ordered conditions and sign the Probation Agreement and the Client Grievance Procedure form. Expectations and the availability of community resources will be discussed with the offender to assist in his/her successful completion of the terms and conditions of probation.
    4. Make immediate referrals if necessary, such as Batterer's Education Program intake appointment, Substance Abuse Evaluation, VORP, or Mental Health evaluation appointments.
  6. Once the intake and initial sign-up are completed, the offender is instructed, both verbally and in writing, to contact the probation office on the fourth (4th) working day following the intake for the assignment of a supervising officer.
    1. The offender will be given the probation office's telephone number and address.
    2. When the offender phones in, the support staff will tell them the name of the supervising officer and telephone number the supervising officer can be reached at.
  7. The intake officer shall then complete an Iowa Risk Assessment in ICON based on a collaboration of the information received. This assessment shall NOT be submitted in ICON by the Intake Officer. The actual supervising officer assigned the case shall submit the assessment in ICON after assessing the information and making any appropriate changes regarding risk, if necessary.
  8. The Intake Officer shall then complete an ICON Generic Note (See Policy) summarizing the intake information. The Generic Note will then be printed, information of significant importance highlighted, and placed in the offender's case file. The initial Iowa Risk score will be written in the Generic Note.
  9. If the offender is a transfer to the Region, another district, or another state, the proper transfer procedures will be followed. (See Transfer Policy).
  10. A file shall be complied consisting of the following:
    1. File with Tabs.
    2. NCIC.
    3. Statement of Probationer.
    4. Sentencing Court orders.
    5. Signed initial Formal Probation Agreement.
    6. Signed Client Grievance Procedure form.
    7. Intake Generic Note with the Risk Assessment score noted.
    8. If applicable, a transfer request letter with all pertinent information.
    9. If applicable, Minutes of Testimony.
  11. All files will be sent to the Probation Supervisor at 1000 Washington for the assignment of a supervising (Probation) officer, except for the files of the following persons, which will be kept and monitored by the Probation Intake Office:
    1. INS Detainees.
    2. Persons in jail that have been ordered to a Residential Facility.
    3. All transfer cases that are pending acceptance.
  12. Region Intakes will be completed as follows:
    1. Once the Region probation office is in receipt of the new sentencing order the supervising officer will initiate contact with the offender within five (5) working days and arrange the initial appointment. The initial appointment shall be scheduled to be held within ten (10) working days unless special circumstances exist. The Region offices will follow all the remaining procedures as stated above for the Polk County Intake Unit.
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