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TITLE: Inventory Control


Food and other inventory items shall be received in accordance with legally accepted standards, and maintained in should condition, safe for human use and consumption.


  1. Inventory Control
    1. At all times, including while food is being stored, prepared, served, or transported, food shall be protected from potential contamination.
      1. Food items shall be stored above the floor in a manner that protects the food from splash and other contamination, and permits easy cleaning of the storage area.
    2. Inventory items shall be rotated for use, so that the first items purchased are the first items used.
    3. Ordering Inventory Items
      1. When ordering, a Purchase Order must be completed by the Food Service Leader or designee, listing the quantity and description of items to be purchased. The food order will be approved by the Residential Supervisor responsible for the kitchen. All employees responsible for the ordering of inventory items shall utilize the planned menus as the guide for ordering, and shall not deviate without prior approval and documentation of the exception by the Assistant Director of Residential Services.
      2. Receipt of Inventory Items
        1. Upon receipt of inventory items, the items listed on the Purchase Order and the vendor invoice must be checked off to ensure complete delivery of items.
        2. The receiving employee shall sign the invoice acknowledging items received, and forward the invoice and Purchase Order to Administration for approval of payment.
        3. Items delivered that do not appear on the Purchase Order shall not be received; those items shall be returned to the vendor and so noted on the invoice, with vendor agent's signature on the facility's copy of the vendor invoice.
        4. Items appearing on the Purchase Order that are not received:
          • " The vendor credit memo shall be attached to the Purchase Order.
          • " Items shall be re-ordered as appropriate.
        5. Items damaged (beyond expected use/value) or items dated past the product expiration date shall not be accepted.
  2. Inventory Count
    1. The Food Services Coordinator/Cook shall conduct a total inventory of food and non-food inventory items each month.
      1. Residents may be enlisted/supervised by the Head Cook to assist with taking the inventory count.
      2. Specific information concerning damaged, outdated or contaminated foods or inventory items shall be reported to, and handled by the Food Services Coordinator/Cook for proper destruction procedures.
      3. The completed inventory list shall be approved by the Food Services Coordinator/Cook submitted to the Residential Supervisor.
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