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TITLE: Job Classification


Every employment position shall be classified using the Iowa Community-Based Corrections position classification system, which is administered for the eight judicial District Departments of Correctional Services by the Iowa Department of Corrections. Any Employee who does not believe that his/her position is classified correctly may appeal the classification to the Iowa Department of Corrections, through procedures established for this purpose. The Department of Corrections must approve the classification of new positions and changes in classification of existing positions.


  1. Handling employee requests for reclassification An employee may complete and submit a Position Description Questionnaire at any time. Upon receiving a completed Position Description Questionnaire from an employee, the immediate supervisor shall promptly review the questionnaire, complete the supervisory portion and submit it to the Director. The Director shall then review the questionnaire, complete the Administrative Review/appointing authority portion and, if the employee is requesting position reclassification, submit it to the Department of Corrections.
  2. Department-initiated requests for reclassification of a position If the Department wishes to reclassify a vacant position, the Director shall direct the completion of a Position Description Questionnaire on the position and shall submit it to the Department of Corrections. If the Department wished to reclassify a position, which is not vacant, the employee occupying the position, and the immediate supervisor shall complete the questionnaire and the Director shall complete the review sections. The request shall then be submitted to the Department of Corrections.

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