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TITLE: Key And Tool Control


There is a safe and secure method for issue, distribution and control of keys, tools and utensils within the facilities. Key, tool, and utensil control at these facilities is a vital part of its' overall safe operations.


  1. Keys
    1. Keys will be accounted for at all times.
    2. Only authorized employees will be permitted to have the facility keys in their possession.
      1. Staff assigned to the control centers should check the keys immediately upon coming on duty to see if keys are missing or unaccounted.
      2. The Supervisor will be verbally notified immediately whenever a key(s) is lost, misplaced or broken. An incident report will be completed and forwarded to the Supervisor in the instance of a lost, misplaced or broken key. Supervisors are responsible for requesting additional keys for replacement of broken keys.
      3. Offenders are not permitted to handle the facility keys under any circumstances.
      4. Secure areas must remain locked when staff leave the area.
      5. Unauthorized possession, alteration, duplication or making of keys is prohibited.
      6. Electronic locks will normally not be keyed. Electronic locks shall be operated by staff only.
      7. Duplicate keys shall be stored in key control lockers. These lockers are accessed by authorized personnel only.
  2. Tools/Utensils
    1. Tools and cutlery shall be stored in a secure room or other locked controlled container.
    2. Authorized staff shall check out tools or cutlery as necessary to perform tasks assigned.
      1. A tool/cutlery control log will be used to check tools and cutlery out for use and inventory back into storage.
    3. Staff shall account for all tools and cutlery at the end of each work shift.
    4. The Supervisor will be notified immediately whenever a tool or piece of cutlery is lost or misplaced and cannot be accounted for at any time during the work shift. An incident report will be completed and forwarded to the Supervisor regarding any lost or misplaced tools or cutlery.
    5. Broken or unsafe tools/cutlery will be tagged out so it will not be used until repair or disposal.
    6. Broken and or non-repairable tools/cutlery will be noted on the inventory when disposed of and a note shall be made regarding the method of disposal.
    7. An inventory of tools and cutlery is maintained and audited quarterly by designated staff.
    8. Vendors shall supply their own tools and equipment to perform tasks.
    9. Vendor's tools shall remain in the immediate possession of the vendor at all times while performing work on facility property.
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