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TITLE: Law Enforcement Cooperation


District staff shall cooperate and assist law enforcement in efforts to apprehend offenders known to be or suspected of being involved in criminal activities.


  1. When a supervising officer suspects an offender of being involved in criminal activity:
    1. The supervising officer will consult with his/her Supervisor detailing his/her suspicions.
    2. With supervisory approval, the supervising officer will forward all information to the Fugitive Unit.
    3. The Fugitive Unit will dispense all information to local law enforcement agencies.
  2. When law enforcement request information regarding an offender:
    1. The supervising officer should cooperate by furnishing law enforcement with photographs, descriptions, and all other information requested by local law enforcement.
    2. If the supervising officer has definite information that might assist in effecting a proper disposition, they should submit those facts immediately to the appropriate authorities.
    3. The supervising officer shall establish and maintain effective communication with local police units for exchange of information relative to the offender's activities.
    4. The supervising officer will inform the Fugitive Unit of the situation.

      NOTE: The supervising officer may share information from the file with law enforcement except for substance abuse/mental health evaluation and/or assessments. (See Confidentiality Policy).

  3. All contact with law enforcement will require the supervising officer to complete an Incident Report to the Executive Team. (See policy on Critical Incident Reporting).
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