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TITLE: Mandatory Reporting


Children and dependent adults are in need of protection from abuse. It is important for all staff of this Department to be alert to the signs of possible abuse. Code of Iowa Chapter 232 provides legislation designed to provide the greatest possible protection to victims or potential victims of abuse through encouraging the increased reporting of known or suspected cases of such abuse.

This Department provides staff basic informational training about the identification and reporting of known or suspected incidents of abuse.


  1. A dependant adult is a person eighteen years of age or older who is unable to protect their own interests or unable to adequately perform or obtain services necessary to meet essential human needs, as a result of a physical or mental condition which requires assistance from another.
  2. A child is any person under the age of eighteen years.
  3. Mandatory reporters are classes of persons who are required by Iowa law to report any known or suspected incidents of abuse.
  4. Permissive reporters are all other persons who may report known or suspected incidents of abuse .


  1. Probation and Parole Officers and other employees of correctional programs are not specifically listed by the Code of Iowa as mandatory reporters and interpretations of the Code of Iowa have determined that our staffs are not mandatory reporters. However our Department has established the requirement that employees of this Department are more than permissive reporters.
  2. When abuse is known to have occurred or is suspected it is immediately reported to the supervisor of the employee who becomes aware of the abuse or suspected abuse.
  3. If directed to do so the employee shall orally report the following information.
    1. Name
    2. Address (and the abuses individuals whereabouts if they are known to be at another location)
    3. Age
    4. Parent, guardian or care provider's name
    5. Nature and extent of the injuries
    6. How the staff became aware of the known or suspected abuse; statements from reliable sources or direct observation of the abuse or injuries from abuse.
    7. The staff member's name, work addresses and work telephone number.
    8. The names of others who have in formation about the abuse.
    9. The name(s) of persons suspected of inflicting the abuse.
  4. This report shall be made within 24 hours to a local office of the Iowa Department of Human Services and follow up written report will be made within 48 hours. If immediate emergency intervention is required, the report will be made to the nearest law enforcement agency.
  5. Staff of this Department will provide further written documentation or testimony as requested by the Department of Human Services or law enforcement.
  6. An incident report will be completed by the reporting employee whenever an abuse incident has been reported.
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