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TITLE: Motor Vehicle Operation By Offenders


Residents may be permitted to own and/or operate motor vehicles based on: 1) compelling need to provide transportation to and from work or 2) demonstrated responsible behavior, including financial management.


  1. Prior to allowing any resident to operate a motor vehicle, PPO II/Residential Counselor must verify that the resident possesses a current valid drivers license, current liability insurance, car registration and written permission from the vehicle owner (if applicable). Such information is documented on the Motor Vehicle Information Form. The Department of Transportation shall be contacted to ascertain if there are any outstanding warrants. Permission must be granted in writing by the Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee.
  2. Purchasing Vehicles
    1. The resident must obtain permission from the Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee prior to purchasing or operating any motor vehicle.
      1. Residents wishing to purchase automobiles must have a net balance on their accounts of at least $100.00 after such purchase.
      2. Facility staff may inspect the vehicle to check for contraband at any time.
  3. Approval and Exceptions
    1. Approval of permissions for and exceptions to these procedures must be made by the Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee. Inmates in the OWI Program will not be allowed to drive.
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