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TITLE: Ncic Media And Hard Copy Handling


  1. The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services will follow Section XIV of the IOWA Operating Manual, IOWA System Rules and Regulations regarding the retention of terminal-produced printouts. Printouts will be maintained and stored under strict security in locked file cabinets and will be treated as extremely confidential documents. Terminal-produced printouts will be kept only as long as they are needed.
  2. No CJIS/NCIC terminal-produced “printout” information will be copied to any medium such as tape, CD or flash drive.
  3. When no longer needed, these terminal-produced print-out documents will be shredded as individual documents. The person shredding these documents will insure that the documents are shredded in such a manner so that they can not be reassembled to provide any information to anyone.
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