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TITLE: Notifying Applicants Of Hiring Decisions


All job offers including internal transfers and acceptances shall be in writing. E-mail does qualify as "in writing". When an applicant accepts a position, all other applicants shall be notified by the Personnel Technician in writing, that the position has been filled.


  1. If the selected applicant accepts the position, the Personnel Technician shall, as soon as possible, notify all other applicants for the position that the position has been filled.
  2. If the selected applicant declines, the interviewers shall review the other applicants for the position and may proceed by either selecting another applicant, holding additional interviews or requesting that the position be re-advertised.
  3. The letter offering the position may follow the format given below and include all information relevant to the individual being offered the position:

Dear Selected Applicant:

I am pleased to offer you the position of ___________ with our Department.

Your starting salary will be $______- (biweekly/per hour). If appropriate: {We will also transfer in your accrued sick and vacation leave balances as of your last day of employment with the [____ Judicial District Department of Correctional Services/State of Iowa. In addition, your seniority date and vacation leave accrual rate will transfer. I would appreciate your arranging for your current employer to notify us in writing of your seniority date and the leave balances with which we should credit you. Notice should be sent to the Personnel Technician, Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services, 1000 Washington Avenue, Des Moines IA, 50314.

We would like you to start work on [ Date ].

Please send a written response to this offer of employment and the conditions explained in it. I am pleased that you will be joining our Department and look forward to working with you.


[Personnel Technician]

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