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TITLE: Offender Employment Opportunities


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services staff shall assist employable offenders in finding suitable employment. Supervising officers shall facilitate Job Club to provide the offenders with job leads in obtaining gainful employment. All unemployed offenders within the District shall be referred to one of the Job Clubs. Ex-offenders shall be allowed to return to the District's Job Club for assistance in gaining full time employment.


  1. The District staff will facilitate Job Club to assist offenders in their employment search.
  2. Facilitators of Job Club will reduce as many barriers as possible in efforts to locate employment for the offenders.
    1. The Men's Residential Facilities will offer four (4) Job Club groups per week.
    2. The Women's Residential Correctional Facility will offer Iowa Work Force Development once per week.
    3. Field services will facilitate three (3) Job Club classes per week.
      1. Two of the Job Clubs are for all offenders under the supervision of the District.
      2. One job club is reserved strictly for Day Programming offenders.
  3. Job Club will address the following areas while assisting with locating employment for the offenders:
    1. Appearance when interviewing.
    2. Presentation of one's self.
    3. Writing resumes.
    4. Employment application procedures and etiquette.
  4. Facilitators may arrange guest speakers from outside agencies to speak at Job Club. The following are outside agencies that participate in Job Club:
    1. Metro Transit Authority (WAGES Program) provides weekly job leads by providing a list of employers that are requesting qualified offenders to fill positions.
      1. WAGES Program (stands for Work And Gain Economic Self-sufficiency).
      2. All WAGES job openings are located on or near a bus route serviced by MTA.
      3. The MTA also offers other programs such as reduced fairs, The Missing Link, and opportunities in transit that further eliminates the transportation barrier that offenders face. (Refer to the pamphlet from MYA/WAGES detailing all of the programs that are offered or visit the MTA's web site).
    2. Iowa Workforce Development provides a liaison that meets with each Job Club at least bi-monthly.
      1. The liaison will register all offenders for their program.
      2. All offenders are eligible to use the Iowa Workforce Development's computers at 430 East Grand to complete their resumes and apply for positions on-line.
      3. Iowa Workforce provides information on all services offered and provides technical assistance to application and interview questions.
      4. Iowa Workforce Development offers a job fair every other Wednesday at 430 East Grand. At least four employers will be present to fill open positions.
    3. Building and trade apprenticeship programs.
    4. Job Club periodically has other large employers in the Des Moines area present, such as area temp services and spot labor services, looking to fill open positions
  5. Supervising officers shall enter information in ICON about offenders attending Job Club.
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