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TITLE: Offender Employment Services


Offender employment is essential to the successful completion of the program and an offender's success upon release to the community. Facility and community resources are available to assist offenders in securing and maintaining employment.


  1. Job Club, an in-house job readiness program, is available to all offenders who are unemployed or under-employed.
    1. Offenders will meet with designated staff to discuss various topics including, but not limited to, public transportation, Iowa Work Force Development, building and trades apprenticeship programs, resume writing, applications, and prospective employers.
  2. Offenders can seek employment and interviews by reviewing newspaper ads, information from other offenders or facility staff, and from community employment service agencies.
    1. Offenders may use facility job phones as needed for employment matters.
    2. Offenders may be allowed to leave the facility for job seeking between 8am to 4pm, Monday through Saturday. Offenders will be allowed up to 4 hours leave if traveling by privately owned vehicle (POV) or up to 6 hours leave if using public transportation.
    3. An offender's facility PPO II/Residential Counselor or other designated staff may sign job seeking passes. Passes for offenders with sex offense related charges will only be signed by the offender's facility PPO II/Residential Counselor or a supervisor if the PPOII/Residential Counselor is not available.
  3. Once an offender is hired, an employment data form will be completed by the designated staff, including verification of the employment. Once verified, the data will be entered into the ICON system by the designated staff.
  4. Employment checks will be conducted on-site by designated surveillance staff and/or by telephone by other facility staff.
  5. Offenders are required to bring back a completed job search verification sheet after each job search. Their job searches will be randomly verified by designated staff.
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