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TITLE: Offender Property


Staff shall take all reasonable precautions to protect the property of residents. However, the District shall not be responsible for items damaged, lost, stolen or removed from the facility by any resident, family member or visitor.


  1. When a new resident arrives at the Facility, a staff member on duty shall search the resident for undeclared property and contraband. Residential staff may limit the amount or type of belongings allowed.
  2. When a resident absconds from the Facility, is placed in jail, or is absent from the Facility due to an emergency, the resident’s personal belongings shall be secured as soon as possible by a staff member. Staff shall document the time and date that the property was secured.
  3. When a resident escapes or is terminated from the Program, the designated contact person indicated at the time of intake shall be notified to assume responsibility of the resident’s personal property. The following procedures shall be followed:
    1. Staff shall contact, by phone or letter, the person designated in the Residential Agreement, within five working days of the resident’s escape or transfer to the institution, to arrange pickup of the resident’s property.
    2. Staff shall document the time(s) and date(s) in generic notes of notification or attempt(s) to notify said person.
    3. If staff have been unable to dispose of a resident’s property within 30 days, such property will become property of the Resident Clothes Closet, donated to charity or destroyed.
    4. If property is donated the coordinator of the Resident Clothes Closet will inform the facility PO for that offender of same so this action can be noted in generic notes.
    5. Staff shall document disposition of the resident’s property in generic notes.
  4. Exchanges of personal property among residents (without staff approval) or between residents and staff are strictly forbidden.
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