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TITLE: Office Safety


It is the policy of the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services to maintain a safe working environment for staff and clients while in the office.


  1. Give both the officer and the client a way out of your office or work area.
  2. Keep space between you, your desk and the wall behind you.
  3. Keep personal information out of plain view, i.e.: magazine labels, calendars, pictures and phone lists.
  4. Keep staplers, message post, scissors or other items that could be used as a weapon off your desk.
  5. Client should always be escorted to and from your office.
  6. Your door to your office should always be open/unlocked when you have a client in your office unless there is another staff member in the office.
  7. Always attempt to have back-up officer in the area or office.
  8. Windows in office doors shall not be covered.

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