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TITLE: Parole Community Resources


District staff shall support and assist efforts to develop community resources, which can provide needed services to the offender population and actively support community efforts on behalf of the offenders.


  1. The District will maintain an up-to-date list of services available to the offender population through ICON Interventions and "First Call for Help".
    1. District staff shall use "First Call for Help" in locating assistance for offenders in need of community services.
    2. "First Call for Help" is a comprehensive resource guide available to all staff to locate community resources for the offender which includes, but is not limited to housing, financial assistance, employment services, vocational training and education, etc. "First Call for Help" can be located by completing the following steps:
      1. "First Call for Help" is located on the District's web page.
        1. Click on First Call for Help
        2. Look up the community resource that is needed for the offender.
        3. It will provide you with address, phone number, and what services are provided.
    3. ICON Interventions/Programs also contain community resources available to the offender. The Support Services Center will maintain an up-to-date ICON Interventions list for meeting the offender's needs.
      1. All new community resources shall be placed into the ICON Intervention section.
      2. All non existing and ineffective interventions will be removed.
    4. With supervisory approval, outside agencies may place pamphlets for services offered to offenders within the District's buildings.
  2. 2. Staff is required to work in a cooperative manner with all private and public agencies.
  3. The Support Service Center and supervisory staff will ensure that offenders are receiving the services needed from the community service agencies where they were referred.
    1. The Support Service Center will periodically evaluate frequently used community resources by visiting the community resources and attending programs, if possible. When on-site visits are not possible, due to confidentiality laws regarding non-correctional participants being present in the group(s), those community resources will be evaluated through client and staff "satisfaction surveys".
    2. Staff is required to advise and provide feed back to supervisory staff with any concerns regarding outside agencies providing ineffective programming or not providing the services they expected.
    3. If negative feed back is received, the community agency/program will be reviewed at management meetings. Contact will be made with the agency/program informing them of the District's concerns. A written plan of action will be developed and provided to the agency/program to allow them to correct the deficiency.
    4. District staff shall serve as liaisons with the larger community service agencies within the judicial district such as EFR (TASC), Eyerly Ball (Mental Health), Iowa Work Force Development (Employment), and Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).
  4. 4. Supervising officers shall provide enrollment procedures to the numerous classes provided by the community colleges in meeting department imposed/court ordered conditions. The following are the most frequently used by the District's offenders:
    1. OWI 1st and 2nd Program.
    2. First Time Offender Class
    3. Repeat Offender Class
    4. Assaultive Behavior Class
    5. License Under Suspension Class
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