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TITLE: Personnel Manual Content


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services makes accessible to its employees, through its new employee orientation, District policy manuals including personnel policies .


Following initial hire, but prior to beginning employment and working with the District’s offenders, each new employee participates in a new employee orientation. As part of that orientation, the Personnel Technician reviews the following District policies and information with each new employee: Time cards, W-4 Tax forms, direct deposit, IPERS retirement forms, insurance information and forms, union orientation class attendance, Computer Use Policy, Leave Policy, Sexual and Other Discriminatory Harassment Policy, Sexual Misconduct Policy, Substance Abuse Policy (including the availability of the Employee Assistance Program), Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Worker’s Compensation, and Work Rules (containing the following topics: Employee Conduct, Attendance, Grooming, Professional Relationships, Alcohol and Drug Use, Sexual Harassment, Fraternization with Clients, Sexual Misconduct with Offenders, Political Activities, Use of Firearms, Accepting Gifts, Misuse of Position, Misappropriation of Department Funds or Property, Confidentiality, Information Reporting, Personal Calls, Communication with News Media, and Misconduct). Each new employee is given a copy of each of these documents, is required to review each, and is asked to sign each acknowledgement indicating their awareness of, willingness to abide by, and receipt of the policy. Part of the Personnel Technician’s orientation is the explanation of the Employee Assistance Program and its availability to all staff and their families.

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