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TITLE: Position Allocation Documentation


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services has procedures regulating position control regarding position allocation, budget authorization, personnel records, and payroll.


The Personnel Technician updates/sends the PMIS file to the state bi-weekly. The PMIS file is a database by organization, which lists all corresponding funded positions (filled/vacant) with all pertinent information for the given position (employee personal information, salary and benefit information, FTE equivalent, etc.). This PMIS file allows the District to know what positions are vacant at any given time. This file is reviewed by the Administrative Officer, who compares the file with the Schedule 10 salary file sent out once each year by the state.

The Personnel Technician maintains personnel files for each employee. These files contain all hiring information, annual evaluations, personnel action forms (raises and promotions), disciplinary action forms, and employment forms which are signed by the employee.

The Administrative Officer ensures that payroll files are maintained for each employee. These files contain signed copies of personnel action forms and signed documentation for all applicable employee deductions. Timecards and leave slips are completed and maintained for each employee for each applicable pay period while they are employed. All timecards and leave slips must be signed by the employee and the employee’s supervisor.

The Administrative Officer maintains a spreadsheet with salaries scheduled out for each pay period for the remainder of each fiscal year. This spreadsheet is used to budget salaries over the course of a fiscal year.

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